Why Ozone?

L’ Ozone it is a natural molecule which, like the oxygen from which it derives, is essential for the cycle of life. It is also naturally produced by white blood cells as a means of eliminating foreign bodies. L' Ozone after carrying out its action, it is transformed into Natural Active Oxygen giving benefit to the skin cells.

L'Ozone effectively increases cellular functions, provides hydration, increases skin elasticity, smoothes fine lines and prevents deepening of existing wrinkles, as well as removes the stress caused by smog on your skin.



Its targeted action and constant use make it effective for treating dermatitis, psoriasis, burns, sores, ulcers, fissures and thanks to the function fungicide even against the mycosis of the nails, and is suitable for all skin types.

Supreme Ozone Oil increases its effectiveness thanks to the presence of this precious molecule, whose recognized characteristics are:

  • Antibacterial - Destroys the cell walls of bacteria
  • Cicatrizing - Promotes tissue healing
  • Analgesic - Thanks to the increased flow of oxygen
  • Immunomodulante - Promotes the development of the immune defenses
  • Antiviral / Anti-inflammatory

We produce Pure Ozone, free from heavy metals with an exclusive and patented method that distinguishes the rigorously artisanal quality of our oil.