The History of Supreme

Supreme Ozone Oil is a family story of passion, innovation and dedication. It all started 30 years ago, in Italy, when my father, a pioneer in the use of ozone in the industrial field, had the idea of creating a company that exploited the beneficial properties of ozone for the production of natural cosmetics.

With his experience and knowledge of ozone, my father designed and patented a special plant capable of producing pure ozone, free of heavy metals.

With this plant, he created a unique ozone oil on the market, a naturally perfumed oil as it avoided the oxidation process of organic elements.

But not only that, he also discovered that through the topical application of these oils to active oxygen it was possible to treat problems related to inflammatory states of the skin.

I, Elena Barlesi, inherited this knowledge and my father's desire to offer everyone sincere and 100% natural help for skin problems.

Today, Supreme Ozone Oil is an Italian company in constant growth in the active oxygen natural cosmetics sector, with customers all over the world who appreciate the quality and effectiveness of our products, the result of innovation and experience gained in years of activity.

Thanks Dad.

Elena Barlesi

Elena Barlesi, Chief Executive Officer